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Welcome to Titania's website; The Home of the Bank of English

The current version of Bank of English on the LookUp software is 450 million words. To refer to this corpus we would suggest:

"The data comes from the Bank of English corpus jointly owned by HarperCollins Publishers and the University of Birmingham. In 2007 the corpus stands at 450 million words."


Latest News
  • Frequency Lists

Frequency lists can be found under 'Instructions' (see left hand column) 

  • Try CHAB

We are currently developing a new corpus search software called CHAB: Corpus Hub at Birmingham. We need your help to improve it. Please go to

You can login using your normal University user name and login. Once you have logged in, click on the tab saying 'Concordances' and then follow steps one through to five. For  problems or questions, please use the 'Feedback' button on the top right hand side. Thank you for helping us!

In CHAB you will find the 524 million word version of the Bank of English.

  • Updating LookUp

We are currently looking into updating the BofE version to also include the 524 million word version. We will keep you informed of our failures and successes.



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